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Fisheries- and Aquaculture related publications

Fisheries and Aquaculture
Shellfish, hybrid striped bass, shrimp, and other fisheries- and aquaculture-related topics

Coherent Approach to Busycon/Busycotypus Fishery Management Along the U.S. Atlantic Seaboard
This report compiles whelk reproduction, growth, and fisheries studies from Massachusetts, Delaware, Virginia, and Georgia to lay the groundwork for a more consistent approach to managing the fishery throughout the U.S. Atlantic coast. The studies were presented at the 16th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration, which was organized by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium in 2014 in Charleston, S.C. A full transcript of the panel discussion at the conference is included. 98 pp.  VIEW PDF

Stranded Horseshoe Crabs
This brochure describes the life history of horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus), and what to do when the crabs are stranded on the beach during their spawning season from April through July. 4 pp.  VIEW PDF

Research Needs for the Sustainable Management of Crustacean Resources in the South Atlantic Bight
This report from an April 2014 S.C. Department of Natural Resources two-day workshop, co-sponsored by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium, details specific research needs for shrimp, blue crab, horseshoe crab, and stone crab species. The report discusses the effects of disease, habitat condition and loss, climate change, stock assessment, and fishery practices for each, and identifies research priorities. 34 pp. FREE  VIEW PDF

Regulations for Deepwater Marine Protected Areas in the South Atlantic
The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium and the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council have co-published this comprehensive guide of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the Southeast. The guide includes a history of MPA development, a list of snapper-grouper species protected in each of the eight areas, detailed regulations, plus maps, coordinates, and descriptions of the MPA sites. 2009. 20 pp. FREE  VIEW PDF  |  ORDER

Coastal Waterfront Access Challenges and Opportunities for South Carolina Marine Fisheries Stakeholders
Raymond J. Rhodes, Amber Von Harten, and April Turner.
This report provides suggestions on how to offer opportunities for water-dependent businesses and the public, including commercial and recreational fishers, to access coastal waterfronts while balancing the changing needs and resources of coastal communities. Includes specific examples of South Carolina projects addressing waterfront access, common mechanisms for addressing this issue, and several appendices for further information. 2008. 65 pp.  VIEW PDF

Seafood by the Seasons: South Carolina's Sustainable and Local Catch
This handy wallet card describes the seafood species landed in South Carolina and the seasons in which each species is available in the marketplace. FREE VIEW PDF  |  ORDER

A Guide to Pond Culture of Hybrid Striped Bass
Theodore I.J. Smith, Wallace E. Jenkins, Jack M. Whetstone, and Alvin D. Stokes. This manual focuses on the pond culture of hybrid striped bass. Reprinted 1996. 41 pp. FREE  VIEW PDF 

A Manual for the Culture of the Hard Clam Mercenaria spp. in South Carolina
Nancy H. Hadley, John J. Manzi, Arnold G. Eversole, Robert T. Dillon, Colden E. Battey, Nancy M. Peacock. This manual provides an overview of current clam culture technology and includes detailed operating manuals for a hatchery and nursery. 1997. 135 pp. $12.50  ORDER

Handbook of Relative Acute Toxicity Values for Crayfish. Arnold G. Eversole, Jack M. Whetstone, and Benjamin C. Sellers. This booklet assists the crayfish farmer in determining chemical toxicity values. 1996. 8 pp. FREE This publication is out of print. VIEW PDF

Coastal Heritage, Vol. 16, No. 1, Summer 2001
Shrimp Aquaculture: Challenges and Potential. John H. Tibbetts. Booming global trade enables animal viruses to race around the world. Now aquatic farmers and researchers are finding new strategies to contain them. 16 pp. FREE  VIEW PDF | ORDER

Construction and Operations Manual for a Tidal-Powered Upwelling Nursery System
Robert B. Baldwin, William Mook, Nancy H. Hadley, Raymond J. Rhodes, and M. Richard DeVoe. This manual explains how to construct and operate a tidal-powered upwelling nursery system. 1995. 41 pp. FREE  VIEW PDF

Eastern United States Interstate Shellfish Seed Transport Workshop Abstracts
This publication contains abstracts from the February 2002 Eastern United States Interstate Seed Transport Workshop. 2002. 32 pp. FREE VIEW PDF

6th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration: Abstracts and Selected Presentations
This CD contains abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, and posters from the ICSR ‘02 conference held in Charleston, South Carolina. CD. FREE  ORDER

7th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration: Abstracts and Selected Presentations
This CD contains abstracts and PowerPoint presentations from the ICSR ‘04 conference held in Charleston, South Carolina. CD. FREE  ORDER

Introductions & Transfers of Marine Species: Achieving a Balance between Economic Development and Resource Protection
M. Richard DeVoe. Proceedings of the conference and workshop that was held October 30 through November 2, 1991, on Hilton Head Island, SC. 1992. 198 pp. Hard cover. $10.00  ORDER

South Carolina Shrimp “Sea” the Difference
This brochure explains the advantages of buying local shrimp. FREE  ORDER

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Fisheries- and Aquaculture related pubications


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