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Coastal Communities and Economics – ARCHIVED FY06-08
Omnibus FY06-08 Research Projects

Project Title: Addressing the Challenges of Coastal Growth in South Carolina: A S.C. Sea Grant Consortium Initiative

Principal Investigator:
Rick DeVoe (South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium) and April Turner (South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium)

Project number: A/CG-1

The investigators will continue to develop and provide science-based information to educate citizens and public officials about growth issues and land use pressures and their associated impacts on natural resources in the coastal zone, and offer tools and techniques to enhance their ability to address the pressures of coastal growth. Objectives of this continuing effort are to (1) Assist individuals and groups, including appointed and elected officials, land use planners, citizens groups, interagency working groups, and private, non-profit organizations to understand the impacts of coastal growth and, in particular, the impacts of land-use decisions on coastal natural resource condition, (2) Assist communities with solving coastal growth related problems through the delivery of information and tools developed through Consortium research programs (e.g., LU-CES), (3) Develop outreach education programs to offer advice and assistance to coastal communities in developing comprehensive land use plans consistent with environmental health and resource conservation, (4) Maintain existing and establish new linkages and collaborative partnerships on the national, regional and local level to develop and deliver programs related to the coastal community development effort, (5) Collaborate and work with other SCSGE specialists to assist local governments, individuals, and other client groups develop sustainable natural resource-based recreation and tourism programs and (6) Enhance professional skill level and expertise in areas of land use planning and coastal resource management through professional development activities.


Project Title: Regulatory Pathfinder For South Carolina Coastal Communities And Residents

Principal Investigator:
Kim Connolly

Project number: A/CG-2

The investigator will develop a “Regulatory Pathfinder for South Carolina Coastal Communities and Residents.” A complex web of federal, state, and local laws govern many coastal activities. Coastal resource management and economic development in South Carolina must comply with these myriad laws, regulations, and other requirements. Sorting through which laws exist, how they apply, and how they interact is a task that often overwhelms coastal zone planners, resource managers, developers, and those involved in commerce, industry, recreation, and tourism. Efforts by citizens, local governments, and businesses interested in sustainable development and other interested parties could be aided if they had access to the proposed Pathfinder, which is envisioned as a concise, easily understandable reference that compiles sources of information, such as laws, regulations, and policy related to implementing sustainable growth in the coastal region. Specific objectives of this effort are to: (1) Provide stakeholders with increased access to the relevant laws, regulations, and guidance documents, and to the agencies that implement or enforce them, (2) Summarize these laws and regulations in clear, concise language, (3) Explain clearly the interactions among these various laws, regulations, and guidance documents and (4) Provide examples of coastal areas, particularly in the southeastern US, that have attempted (successfully or unsuccessfully) to foster sustainable economic development that is compliant with the law. Results of this project will be made available to constituencies through an interactive Web-site designed to be easy to navigate, as well as to understand the laws and regulations related to coastal development.


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Coastal Communities and Economics – ARCHIVED FY06-08


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