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From beneficial marine microbes to massive hurricane dangers, Sea Grant's research increases our knowledge of the natural, cultural, and social environments. Follow these links to some of our major research projects.

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems - FY18–20
The ecological, social, and economic value of coastal and ocean ecosystem functions are documented and resultant information and tools are delivered to state and local decision-makers, resource managers, and interested public.

Sustainable Coastal Development and Economy - FY18–20
Decision-makers apply science-based information and tools to manage increased population growth and development resulting in sustainable communities, thriving economies, and healthy natural resources.

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture - FY18–20
Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the coastal region are economically vibrant and are compatible with changing demographics, business development, regulatory environments, and long-term conservation of natural and cultural resources.

Special Research Programs
Effects of land use coastal erosion processes, fish genetics, and harmful algal blooms.

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